Other Stunts


Edited by Alfie at Descent Media… Fights & Falls Stunt Reel 1998 – 2020

The Deaths Of Ian Stone

Performed most of the stunts in this film – Stunt double for Mike Vogel, “Ian Stone”. Doubled “The Creature” for a few parts, jumping the stairway here and hanging upside down. Doubled Michael Feast, “Gray” being pulled into the grate. Also driving double for Jonathan Magnanti, “The Taxi Driver”.

Attack The Block – Bikes, Vans, crashes & General Stunts

I performed many of the stunts in this film including bicycle, moped and van crashes. Also did some general stunts. Doubled for John Boyega, “Moses” and Franz Drameh, “Dennis” for most of their bike bits. Also trained the lads to ride their bikes.

999 Reconstruction

Acting and performing the stunts to reconstruct the accident that Steven Green had in the Scottish Mountains.