Doubled For

Doubled numerous actors over the years, here are few…

Adam Woodyatt – “Ian Beale” – Eastenders

Doubled for Adam Woodyatt for a few stunts including a fight wth “Phil” and being hit by a car.

The Stig – Guiness World Record

Please note that I am definitely not claiming to be the full time “Stig”, but I have doubled him on a couple of occasions with some specialist vehicles – For one of these Top Gear jobs I was involved in, I was working alongside Colin Furze, and I had a lot of involvement in helping “The Stig” achieve a Guinness World Record, for the World’s Fastest Bumper Car / Dodgem.

Angelina Jolie – “Lara Croft” – Tomb Raider II

Motorcycle riding double for the motorcycle sequence.

Tamzin Outhwaite – “Mel” – Eastenders

Driving double for Tamzin Outwaite, “Mel” for a rear cannon crash into a parked car.

Daniel Craig – Skyfall. Also in Enduring Love

For one precision driving sequence in Skyfall, driving double for Daniel Craig, as “Bond”, but please note that I was not the main stunt driving double – I only doubled him for this driving sequence of the Aston Martin DB5, as Bond travels up to Skyfall around mountain side roads.

Also Daniel Craig’s general stunt double in a film called Enduring Love, for the hot air balloon accident.

Andrew Scarborough – “Graham” – Emmerdale

Andrew Scarborough, “Graham”, stunt double for 5 episodes, including general stunts / fights and a car knock down onto bonnet and window screen, then car stops so I’m thrown down a bank, then roll off a 30ft cliff to boxes, then rugby tackle off a 12ft ledge. Also double for head on near miss.

Lee Mack – “Lee” – Not Going Out

Stunt double for Lee Mack – precision driving and pushing / riding a shopping trolley down a hill on a gravel path, with another double for “Lucy” in the trolley

Gary Lineker – Motorcycle Rider – Walkers Commercial

Filmed in Canary Wharf.

Adam Lambert – “Trucker” – Bohemian Rhapsody

Precision truck driving.

Matt Smith – “The Doctor” – Doctor Who

Motorcycle riding double in Central London.

Chris Evans – “Captain America Motorcycle Jumps” – Captain America, The First Avenger

Double Captain America for all the motorcycle jumps.

Danny Dyer – “Mick” -Eastenders

Driving BMW at speed on waste land.

Steve McFadden – “Phil Mitchell” – Eastenders

Car and digger driving double for “Phil”.

Robson Green – “Geordie Keating” – Grantchester

Driving double for near miss.

Carl Rice – “Ronnie” – Brassic

Ice cream van driving double for Carl Rice, “Ronnie”, for T-bone into stationary police car.

Ewan McGregor – “Ian Rider” – Stormbreaker. Also on The Jonathan Ross Show

On Stormbreaker, motorcycle riding double for motorcycle chase sequence, ending in a motorcycle lay down crash.

Also on The Jonathan Ross Show, the motorcycle riding double for Ewan McGregor to jump over Gary Barlow, Tulisa Contostavlos and Alan Partridge.

Eric Sykes – “Ted” – The Bill

Doubled the late Eric Sykes in an episode of The Bill.

Burt Reynolds – “Jefferson Steel” – A Bunch of Amateurs

Stunt Double for Burt Reynolds, “Jefferson Steel”, in A Bunch of Amateurs for the driving sequence.

Ben Miller – “Bough” – Johnny English 1 and 3

General stunt double for Bough on Johnny English 3 with my friend Ben Dimmock as the double for Rowan Atkinson. In the first Johnny English I drove the enforcement truck for a number of the enforcement truck sequences.

Andy Nyman – “The Tumor” – Kick Arse 2

One of the doubles for “The Tumor” driving the van.

Shaun Evans – “Endeavour Morse” – Endeavour

Precision driving, driving double for Shaun Evans, “Endeavour” for 1 episode.

Linda Kerr Scott – “Granny Slippers” – Brum and The Stunt Bike Rescue

Motorcycle Stunt double for Linda Kerr Scott, “Granny Slippers” and also for Christian Dixon, “Max Speed”. For Jumps, wheelies and a crash.

Daniel MacPherson – “P.C. Cameron Tait” – The Bill

Stunt double for Daniel MacPherson, running into Thames, swimming under water to rescue people in sunken car.

Anthony Quinlan – “Pete” – Emmerdale

Anthony Quinlan, “Pete” enduro motorcycle riding double, enduro / motocross jumping and a chase, finishing with jumping off a cliff edge into water with the motorcycle. Also “Pete” double, hanging upside down from the top of a viaduct.

Rupert Grint – “Ron Weasley” – Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows

Double for Ron Weasley, being chased by the “Snatchers” in the woods. Note that I was not the main double, and this was only for this one second unit sequence for a couple of weeks filming.

Brady Corbet – “Alan Tracy” – Thunderbirds

Stunt double for Brady Corbet, “Alan Tracy” on Thunderbirds.

Matt Bardock – “Davey” – The Coroner

Motorcycle riding double for Matt Bardock, “Davey” in a chase across across beach also jumping the motocross bike.

Aidan Gillen – “Bloom” – Identity

Precision car driving double for Aidan Gillen, “Bloom”.

Keeley Hawaes- “Smith” – Identity

Precision car driving driving for Keeley Hawes, “DSI Martha Lawson” in Identity.

Rob Lowe – “Bill Hixon” – Wild Bill

Driving double for Rob Lowe, “Bill Hixon”.

Craig Ferguson – “Paul” I’ll Be There

Precision motorcycle riding double and Crash through window for Craig Ferguson, “Paul”. Also wheelies and riding up some stairs.

Colin Firth – “Mark” – Born Equal

Precision driving double for Colin Firth on the Film, Born Equal for a near miss with Robert Carlisle who runs into the road.

Mike Vogel – “Ian Stone” – The Deaths of Ian Stone

Car driving head on near miss, jerk backs and general stunts.

Michael Feast – “Gray” – The Deaths of Ian Stone

Dragged through a grate.

Phil Davis – “Mick” – Silent Witness

Precision van driving double, crashing past a parked car then into a caravan.

James Nesbitt – “Tommy Murphy” – Murphy’s Law

Stunt double for stair fall.

Jamie Rednapp – “Banger Racer” – A League of Their Own

Banger racing double for specific insert stunts.

Bob Barrett – “Sacha” – Casualty

Car cannon crash.

Danny Miller – “Arran” – Emmerdale

Precision car driving, hand braking etc.

Jonathan Wrather – “Pierce” – Emmerdale

Precision car driving.

Simon Callow -“Henry” – The Rebel

Precision scooter rider for near miss with a car head on.

Vinzenz Kiefer – “Ray” – Bulletproof

Motorcycle laydown crash.

Marc Warren – for different two characters, in SAFE and the film, Al’s Lads

Precision driving in SAFE and boxing double in Al’s Lads.

Brian Vernel – for two different characters in The Tunnel and in Collateral

Passenger for car crash t-bone in The Tunnel and precision moped rider in Collateral.

John Marquez – “PC Penhale” – Doc Martin

Precision Land Rover driver.

Derek Jacobi – for two different characters in The Last Tango in Halifax and in the film, A Bunch of Amateurs

General stunt double.

Nick Pickard – “Tony” – Hollyoaks

60ft jump from a ship into the sea.

“James Nesbit” – Murphy’s Law

For stair fall.

Hugo Speer – The Debt

Crash into road works.

Linda Kerr Scott – “Granny Slippers” -Brum

Motocross riding including a jump and crash in straw bales.

Nigel Havers – The Gentleman Thief

General stunt double, and precision driver for head on near miss.

Jack Dee – Street Life – (Never Aired on TV!)

General stunt double and scooter rider for crash into a fountain.

Max Beesley – The Broker’s Man

Motocross riding stunt double.