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Google Virtual Reality Promo

Precision driving in different vehicles.

The Story Of God – National Geographic

Assistant stunt co-ordinator for various FMX jumps.

Wrecked – Road Safety Video

Precision car driving, T-bone crash into the side of another car.

Hunted – Promo

Precision motocross rider being chased down track in forest. Also a part being chased on foot through forest.

For The Love Of Cars – 2 Episodes

Driving an Evo tracking car, for a restored DeLorean. Also driving a Ford Mexico at speed including handbrakes and J-turns.

Precision driving in a Ford Mexico, including handbrake turns and J-turns.

Taxi Drivers Association – Short Film

Precision driving.

Redbull X-Fighters – 1 Episode

Demonstrating to the presenters different ways to crash for inserts into the main programme.

Bang Goes The Theory – 1 Episode

I was the test rider and assistant stunt co-ordinator for the square wheel motorcycle jump sequence, jumping a Honda C90 with square wheels into our foam pit. It was a success, with the the presenter, Jem Stansfield completing the jump!

Heaven And Hell The Second Coming

This was a freestyle motocross documentary, where I featured in a section called “Norfolk”.

These are my bits that featured in the “Norfolk” section in the DVD.

Last Post – Road Traffic Safety Video

Precision driving at speed.


Motorcycle crash re-enactment riding down line of traffic, car pulls out, simulate crash.

Young Offenders

Precision car driving double and Car Crash. Handbrake turns and J-turns etc.