Music Videos

Texas feat. Wu-Tang Clan – Hi

Stunt Coordinator – Precision driving to music with tracking vehicle.

Ed Sheeran – South of the Border

Assistant Stunt Co-ordinator: Ed Sheeran falls back while tied to a chair. Actor and actress jump from roof top to matted scaffolding tower.

Take That featuring Sigma – Cry

Stunt Performer – Banger racing, including side swipe crashes.

Banger racing shots, including side swipe crashes. My mate Gary Hoptrough, stunt performer, is in the other car.

Robbie Williams – Candy

Stunt Performer – Fight and bicycle crash.

This was a good use of CGI for this bicycle crash, it meant that the safety mats could be taken out of the shot which were used when I actually did the crash and then Robbie was also added, who was not actually in the original shot for the crash.

Coldplay –  Charlie Brown

Stunt Performer – Precision driving, handbrake, J turns, wheel spins etc in car park.

Muse – Knights of Cydonia

Stunt Performer – Stunt double for “Lone Ranger”, precision motorcycle rider. Own part in fight in saloon.

Stunt double here for “Lone Ranger”, as a precision motorcycle rider.