Toff Guys

Lorry driver stopping to marks.

“Untitled” Film

Land Rover crash, using a pipe ramp.

Bohemian Rhapsody

Precision truck driving double for Adam Lambert, “Trucker”.

Johnny English 3

As Bough double with one of the Johnny English doubles climbing the side of the boat with “magnetic boots”!

Bough stunt double. Hedge Cutter Driver. Also Nondescript (ND) driver for near misses.

Red Sparrow

ND Driving.

Darkest Hour

Vintage motorcycle rider riding through lines of busy traffic.


Precision ambulance driving double for Crystal Clarke, “Ambulance Driver”.

Kingsman 2

ND police car driver.

The Conjuring 2

ND car driver as part of car driving sequence

Patient Zero

Training Matt Smith to ride a motorcycle


Trained actor, Denis Menochet, to ride a motorcycle and quad. Doubled for “Quad Bike Rider” to ride quad at speed.

Obsession Dark Desires

Double, general motocross riding in sand quary.


Precision lorry driver, T-bone crash into Range Rover, handbraking lorry for CGI Jack knife. Also Lotus car weaving around and under my trailer. Stunt performer, Russian soldier getting shot in the leg by Helen Mirren!

Lorry driver for this chase sequence in the Film. This was a good use of “CGI” here, to create the effect of the lorry trailer rolling down the road.

World War Z

Rehearsals as zombie, fights in the plane.

The Counsellor

Motorcycle Lay down crash on R1 at 75 mph. The bike slid down the road for 200 feet! Motorcycle riding double for Richard Cabral.

Crashing an R1 at 75 mph. The bike slid down the road for 200 feet! Motorcycle riding double for Richard Cabral.

Kick Ass 2

Precision driving and running over dummy at speed. Also Andy Nyman “Tumour” double, handbrake turn in American van.


Doubled Daniel Craig, “Bond”, but please note I was not the main stunt double, this was only for this precision driving sequence of the Aston Martin as Bond travels up to Skyfall around mountain side roads.

The Numbers Station

Precision driving, Finbar Lynch double for sequence down track at night.

Captain America – The First Avenger

Motorcycle jumping double for Chris Evans, “Captain America” on the Harley Davidson, (Paul Hanks was the other riding double for the other Captain America motorcycle riding shots on the ground). I was also one of the Motorcycle Hydra riders chasing Captain America, which included a lay down crash on fire. Also doubled Dominic Cooper, “Howard Stark”, for a jerk back stunt and then Bruno Ricci, “Jacques Dernier” for another small sequence in the film running through an exploding door. Also stunt performer as Infantry soldier. Also ND driving.

As well as doubling Captain America for his motorcycle jumps, I was also one of the Hydra Riders, doing a laydown on fire!

War Horse

Motorcycle rider here with my mate Gary Hoptrough, who I seem to do quite a lot of motorcycle and driving jobs with. Also I was driving military trucks and was a German infantry soldier attacked by the charging English Cavalry.

Attack the Block

Did quite a lot of stunts in this film. Doubled for John Boyega, “Moses” for bicycle crash and motorcycle jump. Doubled Franz Drameh, “Dennis” for his moped crash down some stairs, other general riding and for the head on van crash. Also doubled him, while an alien smashes through window and takes him out. Trained the lads to ride their bikes.

Working with John Boyega on Attack The Block

Dead Cert

Stunt performer, general fights.


ND driving.

Street Dance

Precision Motorcycle riding double for Bradley Charles, “Frankie”.

Your Highness

General fighting. Small part as an Albino guard, fight with James Franco, “Fabious” using spears and knife.

Clash of The Titans

Stunt performer, as buildings are destroyed.

Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows – Part 1

Double for Ron Weasley, being chased by the “Snatchers” in the woods. Note that I was not the main double, and this was only for this one second unit sequence for a couple of weeks filming.

Nottingham, Robin Hood

Stunt performer, as Monk, running from horses.

A Bunch of Amateurs

Precision driving double for Burt Reynolds, “Jefferson Steel”, in a car and library van. Stunt double for Derek Jacobi falling face first into muck in a pig pen.

National Treasure 2

Part as Police rider for laydown crash. Stunt performer, pedestrian avoiding vehicles. ND driving.

Starting Over

Precision driving double for Daniel Sharman, “Alex Dewhurst”, driving at speed, near miss, then crash into a log pile.

The Dark Knight

Stunt performer as a Jokers man in jail as explosion takes place. Uniformed policeman.

Bourne Ultimatum

On stand by for part as hooded man.

Little Terrors – Film, Promo

Bicycle riding double for Benjamin Smith, “Brett” to crash bicycle, over the handlebars.

Deaths of Ian Stone

Did most of the stunts in this film. Stunt double for Mike Vogel, “Ian Stone” for car driving near miss, jerk backs and general stunts. Doubled “The Creature” for a few parts, hanging upside down and jumping the stairway. Doubled Michael Feast, “Gray” being pulled into the grate. Also driving double for Jonathan Magnanti, “The Taxi Driver”. Precision van driver for knock down.

Performed most of the stunts in this film – Stunt double for Mike Vogel, “Ian Stone”. Doubled “The Creature” for a few parts, jumping the stairway here and hanging upside down. Doubled Michael Feast, “Gray” being pulled into the grate. Also driving double for Jonathan Magnanti, “The Taxi Driver”.

Doubling a creature on The Deaths of Ian Stone.

Born Equal

Precision driving double for Colin Firth on the Film, Born Equal for a near miss with Robert Carlisle who runs into the road.


German motorcyclist.


Sailor on ship as attacked, climbing rigging.


Motorcycle riding double for Ewan McGregor, chase, including jumps, jumps through explosions and motorcycle laydown. Also a Military Quad rider in vehicle chase. Also ND car driving.

Motorcycle riding double for Ewan McGregor in a motorcycle chase.

Motorcycle double for Ewan McGregor.

Da Vinci Code

Amongst a Medieval battle scene, an archer and fighting.


Stunt tests for riding mechanical dragon.

Charlie & the Chocolate Factory

Motorcycle rider leaving factory to put up posters for golden tickets.


Stunt double for scooter riding.

Scooter riding double!

Batman Begins

Passer by under exploding building.


Stunt double for Brady Corbet, “Alan Tracy”. First in Seychelles, fights, fall down steep hill. Back to Pinewood for slide down air duct. Moped riding, jumping ramp to ramp. Jerk backs. Jump down shaft. On G-ride on wires, blue screen work. Choked and hung from wire. Fighting. Fall through trap doors on descender. Down slide then off cliff edge into lake.


ND car driver

Enduring Love

Stunt double for Daniel Craig, “Joe”, hanging and falling from Balloon.

The Calcium Kid

Stunt performer for fight, own part, hit with pool cue.

I’ll Be There

Precision motorcycle riding double and Crash through window for Craig Ferguson.

Johnny English


Bough driving double for the enforcement truck. Also some ND driving.

What A Girl Wants

Motorcycle riding double for “Oliver James”.

Tomb Raider II

Motorcycle riding double for Angelina Jolie, Lara Croft”. Wheelies and jumps.

Motorcycle riding double for Angelina Jolie on Tomb Raider II.

Die Another Day

Ski-doo Rider.

The Club

Tricks on an R1 motorcycle including wheelies, and stoppies and riding at speed.

Joy Rider

Motorcycle Stunt-double and Motorcycle Crash.

Anita and Me

Motorcycle Stunt double for “Sam”.

Reign of Fire

Part as Piscatella, precision motorcycle riding. Part as a Van Zan Soldier.

Als Lads

Marc Warren stunt double for bare knuckle fight, boxing fight and other general fights.

Last Orders

Soldier, firing gun, reacting to bullets and explosions.