Ramps & Equipment Hire

Freestyle Motocross Ramps

Two different types of freestyle motocross landing ramps are available for hire, one based on a rigid lorry, and another on an articulated lorry.

There are also smaller ramps available as shown below.

A wide range of motorcycle ramps are available for hire, from smaller ramps used to jump over cars to larger more technical ramps, like these ramps shown here, used by our freestle motocros team, Bolddog FMX, this photo features Pro FMX Rider, Arran Powley.

Using the Bolddog Rigid Landing System here, Dan Whitby leads Ron Powley and Sammy Eaton at a Bolddog Lings FMX live show.

This is the Bolddog Freestyle Motocross Landing System based on a rigid lorry. This is in its folded up state, ready to travel down the road.

This is the Bolddog FMX Landing System based on an articulated lorry.

Smaller Take Off and Landing Ramps

This medium size take-off and landing ramp is ideal for distances up to around 45 feet in distance.

Basket ball jump over a medium sized take-off and landing ramp.

Cheese Wedge Type Ramps

These types of ramps are ideal to jump cars, and generally are used to land a motorcycle on flat ground. There are a number of different sizes available.

Cheese wedge take-off ramp in use during a performance of the former Lings Honda Motocross Display Team.


We have a two different size vehicle airbags available for hire, and with a partenership with BagJump, the world’s number 1 airbag manufacturers, we have access to a number of other different size bags. The airbag is being ridden here by Bolddog FMX Team Director and Pro FMX Rider, Dan Whitby.

Mini-bike airbag available for hire also. Suitable for bicycles also.


We have our own heavy plant machinery with drivers on hand for any landscaping of the off road sections of the Gpound Location that may need adjusting to any Film or TV location needs.


Bickers Action are the number one go to for stunt engineering and vehicle tracking. Bickers Action is based only 40 minutes from the G-pound, which means they are close at hand for any Film and Television Production’s needs. In this photo, the Bickers Tracking Vehicle is at The Bolddog G-Pound, being driven by Shaun Brundle.