Harry’s Dolce Vita Restaurant

Stunt Coordinator – Motorcycle formation sequences.


Stunt Performer – Precision quad riding including wheelies. Also a motorcycle jump over a basketball player.

With the other riders, and me mates, Gary Hoptrough, Rick English and Mark Van Driel.

Just Eat

Stunt Performer – Please note this was just for rehearsals only.

Dominos Pizza

Stunt Performer – Precision riding on Vespa Scooter, double for Jamie Biddle.

Jackpot Joy Comic Relief Promo

Stunt Performer – Part as 70’s Kung Fu Gangster attacking Barbara Windsor.

Photo here with the stunt team for a fight sequence, as 70’s Kung Fu Gangsters attacking Barbara Windsor.

Nissan Online Commercial

Stunt Coordinator and Performer – General safety and part as “Kevin”, holding onto a roof rack of Nissan Juke, while the car stunts were being performed. This was the image used in the advertising campaign on Facebook.

Solicitor’s Advert – Online Campaign

Stunt Performer – Precision motorcycle riding.


Precision motorcycle rider double, slow wheelies through fire, general stunt riding on a classic trials bike.


Stunt Performer – Precision car driving, tying on fridge to roof of car, then reversing back my car into path of other car, then fridge Freezer slides off!

Sky 24-7 Football

Stunt Performer – Part as a courier jumping gates onto the road.

Ford S-max

Stunt Performer – Precision driving.

Walkers Crisps

Precision motorcycle riding double for Gary Lineker on a mini-moto, pinching crisps from “Lemmy”.

Mercedes Benz Car Commercial

Stunt Performer – Car precision driving double.

Nissan Vans

Stunt Performer – Freestyle motocross rider double for “Corey Pasadina”, jumps wheelies and crashes.

Motorcycle jumping double for “Corey Pasadena”.

Some of the first practice and test jumps to help decide on the best ramp set up for the Nissan van commercial.

This is a photo of “Corey Pasadina” at an event with a replica of my bike that I used for the commercial.