I’m currently having a new “Showreel” put together which will have highlights of all different types of stunts that I’ve performed, but in the meantime, here are a few clips from productions that I have worked on…

For BBC’s Casualty, a “cannon” car crash, driving double for Bob Barrett, “Sacha”. The crash sequence was set up by stunt co-ordinator Derek Lea, and co-ordinated on the day by Jim Dowdall. Bickers Action were the Stunt Engineers.

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Double for Vinzenz Kiefer, “Ray”, for motorcycle lay down.

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Lorry driver crashing into ambulance.

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Part in Victoria as a bare knuckle boxer, “Bristol Billy”, fighting “The Bavarian Bruiser”!

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Performed most of the stunts in this film – Stunt double for Mike Vogel, “Ian Stone”. Doubled “The Creature” for a few parts, jumping the stairway here and hanging upside down. Doubled Michael Feast, “Gray” being pulled into the grate. Also driving double for Jonathan Magnanti, “The Taxi Driver”.

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