Cars & Other Vehicles


I get quite a few car jobs these days, including precision driving jobs and crashes. I’ve also done a few banger racing jobs over the years, and these always seam to be the best fun!

Photo taken while working on the Sigma Featuring Take That Music Video – “Cry”.


I’ve had many years of experience driving lorries all round the UK and Europe for the display team.

I passed my HGV Class 1 in 1992, and first drove my Dad’s older trucks for work on the farm. Now I tend to get asked to do quite a bit of HGV precision driving and crashes for Film and TV.

Truck driving on RED 2 which included precision driving and crashing.


I’ve had numerous precision driving jobs involving buses, probably the best bus job for me was on Sport Relief, with Michael Crawford roller skating behind!

Michael Crawford as “Frank Spencer” on roller skates, holding on to the back of the bus that I was driving for Sport Relief.


Coming from a farming background helps with the farm machinery jobs! This photo is from Johnny English 3, I was “the hedge cutter driver”!


In the earlier days of the Bolddog Lings Freestyle Team, we used to incorporate quad riding in the shows, so I gained quite a bit of experience here, learning quite a few different tricks.

Quad two wheel driving.

Quad wheelie.