TV Dramas

Emmerdale – Numerous Episodes

Precision car, van, motorcycle and digger driving, near misses and crashes. Small part as “Scooter Rider Thief”. Stunt double for Andrew Scarborough for general stunts / fights and a car knock down onto bonnet and window screen, then car stops so I’m thrown down a bank, then roll off 30ft cliff to boxes, then rugby tackle off a 12ft ledge. Also double for “Graham” for head on near miss. Part as “Digger Driver”,  then fight with “Graham”. Precision driving double for Jonathan Wrather “Pierce” including handbrake turns. Precision van driver for crash into “Pierce’s” parked car. Driving double for Danny Miller “Arran”, handbraking etc. Motorcycle lay down crash. Also doubled for John Middleton “Ashley”. Anthony Quinlan, “Pete” enduro motorcycle riding double, jumping and chase, jumping off cliff edge into water. Also “Pete” double, hanging upside down from the top of a viaduct. Part as a sniper getting washed away as river banks burst.

Also working as the stunt co-ordinator for two episodes.

Stunt double for Andrew Scarborough, “Graham”, for general stunts, fights and falls. Including a car knock down onto a car bonnet and window screen, then thrown over 30ft cliff.

Motorcycle riding double for Anthony Quinlan, “Pete”, jumping off a cliff edge into water.

Here are the crashes I did in this crash sequence.

Grantchester Seasons 4 & 5 – 3 Episodes

Precision driving double for Robson Green, “Geordie”. Bicycle rider.

Also covering as the stunt co-ordinator on a number of different occasions, looking after the safety of actors for general fights etc , including choreographing the boxing fight for the boxing scene on that episode.

On Grantchester, choreographing this fight and working as the stunt co-ordinator for this boxing scene.

Small Axe – 1 Episode

Small part as a Policeman, precision driving, skidding to a mark, precisiong then a fight.

Deadwater Fell – 2 Episodes

Precision car stunt driver for pipe ramp car turn over crash. As precision driving double for Matthew McNulty, “Steve”, driving at speed.

Also worked as co-ordinator on 1 episode.

Precision car stunt driver for pipe ramp car turn over crash.

Silent Witness – Seasons 16, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 – Numerous Epsiodes

Precision driving and crashes in cars, pick-ups, lorries, motorcycles and mopeds. Precision driving double for William Ash, “Mark Sealy”, including a head on near miss, then a pipe ramp car turn over crash. Precision van driving double for Phil Davis, crashing past a parked car then into a caravan. Moped riding double for Sam Edward-Cook, “Mick” and then also moped riding double for “Guy” for a T-bone crash. Motorcycle riding stunt double for “Peter Weir”, lay down crash. Also playing my own small stunt parts. Stunt double for Duncan Pow, “Gary”, jumping from window. ND part as policeman. Precision Police car driver. SUV precision driving double for Harry Lister-Smith “Michael” for side swipe crashes. Stunt double for Nick Sidi, “Forsyth”, scuffle with Emilia Fox, “Nikki”, hit over the head by Elen Rhys, “Amy” with a vase. Drug dealer driver. Stunt performer strangling actress, Georgie Glen, “Roach”. William Gaminara double getting beaten up.

Also working as a stunt co-ordinator on a couple of episodes looking after the safety of actors.

Precision driving double for William Ash, “Mark Sealy”, including a head on near miss, then a pipe ramp car turn over crash.

Moped riding double for “Guy” T-bone.

Motorcycle riding stunt double for “Peter Weir” for a lay down crash.

Casualty – Numerous Episodes

General stunt performer. Precision driving, near misses and crashing in cars, ambulances , lorries, buses, motorcycles and bicycles. Many different types of crashes including cannons, and T-bones. Moped riding double and lay down crash for Brandon Plummer, “Chris”. Bus driving double for Simon Buck, “Bus Driver”. Precision driving double for Sam Callis, “Big Al”, driving car at speed, handbrake turns and J-turns etc around race track. Car driving double Russ Bain, “Leigh”, Bob Barrett, “Sacha”, Alexander Forsyth, “Lucas”, Will Beck, “Dylan”. Bicycle riding double for Isis Davis, “PC Gillian”. Motocross riding stunt double for Will Austin, “Scott” including jumps during a chase. Also general stunt performer. Driving double for Eric Richard, “Gerald”, crashing into a summer house. Richard Winsor, “Cal” car driving double, near miss, driving at speed, handbrake turns. Aaron Johnson double, falling through floor. Motocross stunt double for Callum Dixon, riding track, then chase then motorcycle laydown. Stunt double for Matthew Wait, “Luke”, fight in an ambulance.

Also working as a stunt co-ordinator on three different episodes for general falls and fights.

For BBC’s Casualty, a “cannon” car crash, driving double for Bob Barrett, “Sacha”. The crash sequence was set up by stunt co-ordinator Derek Lea, and co-ordinated on the day by Jim Dowdall. Bickers Action were the Stunt Engineers. 

Lorry jack knife crash – this was done by actually crashing the lorry into the barriers, then Bickers Action pulled the trailer. I also crashed the 4 x 4 here into the ambulance.

Not Going Out – Season 10 Christmas Special

Precision driving double for Lee Mack, “Lee” with Sally Bretton, “Lucy” as passenger and then again as  “Lee”, pushing a shopping trolley down gravel path on a hill with another double for “Lucy” in the trolley. Also precision driving double for Danny-Boy Hatchard, “Gary The Thief”. Also precision driving part as another “Thief”. 

Wild Bill – 2 Episodes

Driving doubles for Rob Lowe, “Wild Bill”, Olivier McGraw, “Eric” and also “Thug Driver”, drifting and BMW crash into ditch.

Eastenders – Numerous Episodes

Precision driving and near misses in cars, lorries, buses, motorcycles, mopeds and bicycles. Driving double for Tamzin Outhwaite “Mel” for a rear cannon crash into a parked car. Also precision lorry driver, driving through smoke as if I have run over “Mel”. Driving double for Danny Dyer, “Mick” and Dominic Thorburn, “Jeff”. Have also played a few own parts with small acting sequences. Car driver for near miss with actors in the road, Jack Derges, “Andy” and Mia Jenkins, “Hannah”. Part as “Sam”, the digger driver. Double for Steve McFadden, “Phil”, driving digger smashing up “The Car Lot”. Also driving double for Steve McFadden, “Phil”, driving car. Stunt double for Adam Woodyatt, “Ian Beale” on a few occasions, including for a fight with “Phil”. Small part as thug, punching Danny Dyer. Small part as policeman in police car, arresting Charlie Brooks “Janine”. Driving double for Jamie Borthwick “Jay”. Driving double for “Beppe”.

Part as “Sam”, the digger driver, having a pint in the Queen Vic

Driving double for Tamzin Outhwaite “Mel” for a rear cannon crash into a parked car. Also precision lorry driver, driving through smoke as if I have run over “Mel”.

Part as “Sam”, the digger driver. Also double for Steve McFadden, “Phil”, driving the digger smashing up “The Car Lot”. Then car driving double for “Phil” dragging all the tools from “The Arches”.

Also working as the stunt co-ordinator on a number of different episodes, including car and motorcycle stunts and fights.

Brassic – 1 Episode

Ice cream van driving double for Carl Rice, “Ronnie”, for T-bone into stationary police car.

Lewis – 2 Episodes

Oliver Lansley, “David Capstone” stunt double, as parcel bomb explodes. Own part as bare knuckle boxer then getting knocked out.

Bare knuckle boxer part as “Jack’s” opponent, fighting against Bradley James, “Jack”

Holby City – Numerous Episodes

Part as precision driver for near miss as Rob Ostlere, “Arthur Digby” runs out infront of me. Precision car driving double for Glen Wallace, “David Kilburn”, driving car at speed, Car knock down going over the top of an oncoming car. Small part as security guard at Holby entrance. Precision Motorcycle riding double. Precision car driver for Troy Glasgow. Stunt double in Fire for “Rocky Marshall”.

Also working as the stunt co-ordinator for one episode for general falls and fights.

Doctor Who – 1 Episode

Precision motorcycle riding double for “The Doctor”, Matt Smith, riding at speed for the Shard sequence.

Snatch, TV Series – Episodes 1, 2 & 3

Precision driver of Armoured security van while Rupert Grint “Charlie” throws out a stinger. Also precision JCB Loader driving double for Lucien Laviscount “Billy”. Driving double for Juliet Aubrey, “Lilly” driving a beer truck. Motorcycle rider, including doing a burn out. Also part as a boxer getting knocked out.

Peaky Blinders – Season 4, 1 Episode

Part as the “Irish Boxer” getting knocked out by Jack Rowan, “Bonnie”.

Lucky Man – Series 2, 3 Episodes

Part as a boxer in a boxing fight against Henry Garrett “Jay” getting knocked out by him, also punching James Nesbitt “Harry” then get head butted by him. Part as motorcycle rider gunman, firing gun at “Harry” and Joe Blakemore “Sammy”. Precision Lorry driver.

Endeavour – Series 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6, Numerous Episodes

Precision driving, driving double for Shaun Evans, “Endeavour”. Also doubled for “Clemence”. Stunt double for Kevin Murphy, “Cedric Clissold”, shot through front window screen of parked car. General stunt performer. Small part as a “heavy”, fighting.

The Rebel – 1 Episode

Scooter riding double for near miss for Simon Callow, “Henry”.

Bulletproof – Series 1, 4 Episodes

Precision car, lorry, car transporter, motorcycle and moped driving. Precision lorry driver for, T-bone. Double for Vinzenz Kiefer, “Ray”, for motorcycle laydown. Small ND part as a chef!

Double for Vinzenz Kiefer, “Ray”, for motorcycle laydown.

Lorry driver on Bulletproof crashing into ambulance.

Shakespeare & Hathaway II – 2 Episodes

Precision quad riding double for “Connor” and part as Stunt performer, fighting.

The Bay – 1 Episode

Precision driving.

The Rook

Precision car driving and crashing.

35 AWR

Stunt double for Jams Thomas, “Haydn”, with CGI fire.

Top Boy 3

Precision motorcycle riding double for Michael Ward, “Jamie”.

Victoria – Season 3, 1 Episode

Part in Victoria as a bare knuckle boxer, “Bristol Billy”, fighting Derek Lea, “The Bavarian Bruiser”!

Behind the scenes of the bare knuckle boxing fight on Victoria.

MotherFatherSon – 2 Episodes

Precision driving double for Billy Howle, “Caden”.

Gomorra – Season 4, 1 Episode

Precision driving double for Pierluigi Gigante, “Gaetano” for car knock down.

Black Mirror – Season 5, 1 Episode

Precision bicycle rider double for Archie Rush, “Cosmo” for near miss.

Rownd A Rownd – Series 23 – 2 Episodes

Motorcycle riding double for Huw Llyr, “Vince”, for lay down crash. Also precision car driving.


Car driving double for Jeremy Strong, “Kendall” for deer near miss and crash through.


Falling off bicycle. Also precision Bus driver.

The main actress in this TV Episode of Pure, is imagining that everyone in her thoughts is having an orgasm, including me on the bicycle, dear oh dear, it was a very strange job!!

Humans  – Season 3, 1 Episode

Part as a “thug”.

Informer – 2 Episodes

Stunt performer. Part as a skin head, including being glassed.


Precision car driver skidding to marks.

SAFE – 2 Episodes

Stunt double and precision driving double for Marc Warren for a chase, near misses then getting stabbed.

In The Cloud – 1 Episode

Motorcycle riding double for Justin Chatwin, “Hale”. Police Car precision Driver and near miss.

Still Open All Hours – 1 Episode

Double for Kulvinder Ghir, “Cyril”, as passenger falling off a tandem bicycle.

Marcella II – 1 Episode

Boxing Double for Jason Hughes, “Vince” for boxing fight filmed at Repton Boxing Club.

Collateral – 2 Episodes

Pizza delivery motorcycle precision riding double for Brian Vernel, “Mikey” and also for Sam Otto, “Abdul”.

The Tunnel – Season 1 & 3, 3 Episodes

Double for Brian Vernel, “Anton”. “Pod Vehicle” driving with actors in the car. Also ND Bomb Squad Van Driver, Police car precision driver and bus driver for near miss. Precision car driving double, at speed, J-turns.

Pod driving with the actors in the car, on The Tunnel.

Doc Martin – Series 1 & 8, 2 Episodes

Precision Land Rover driving double for John Marquez, “PC Penhale”. Stunt double for “Harvey”.

The City & The City – 1 Episode

ND part as a “Beszel Border Guard”, getting shot. Also an ND driver.

Loaded – 1 Episode

Stunt performer, fighting.

Hard Sun – 1 Episode

Precision driving and general stunt performer.

Man in an Orange Shirt – 1 Episode

Stunt double for Charlie Wernham “Thompson” for explosion. Also part as soldier.

Last Tango In Halifax – Series 4

Paul Copley “Harry” stunt double to fall backwards down steps in front of Derek Jacobi “Alan”.

Call The Midwife – Series 2 & 6, 2 Episodes

Bicycle rider in race then crashing. Precision driving. near miss with car and bicycle.

Tracey Ullman’s Show – 1 Episode

Precision driving double for Dan Skinner “Marcus”, handbrake turns.

The Coroner – Series 2, 1 Episode

Motorcycle riding double for Matt Bardock, “Davey” in a chase across across beach also jumping the motocross bike.

Ordinary Lies – 1 Episode

Motorcycle riding double Matt Di Angelo, “Fletch”. Riding at speed.

The Level – 1 Episode

Precision Driving double for Robert James-Collier, “O’Dowd” during car chase, near misses.

Guilt – 1 Episode

Precision driving part as an undercover police car driver.

Will – 1 Episode

Stunt performer, general fights break out.

New Blood – 3 Episodes

Precision car driving, near miss then handbrake turn. Double for Nick Barber, “Ralph Finch”. Precision HGV lorry driver, near miss with actors. Mark Strepan, “Stefan” bicycle riding double.

Pobol y Cwm, Welsh TV – 1 Episode

Double for actor, hit over the head with ornament.

Professor Brainstorm

Stunt double for Steve Pemberton, “Professor Algebrain”, here standing next to the stunt double for “Professor Brainstorm”.


Fight during battle sequence.


Rufus Jones, “Tom” stunt double.


Part for fight in a police station.


ND part as a cyclist.


Precision car driving double for Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, “Iddon” as T-boned from the side.


Precision driving, chasing Sean Bean at speed. general stunt performer.

Inspector George Gently

Part as a boxing opponent, knocking out Martin Shaw, “George Gently”.


Policeman on motorcycle. Stunt performer as Riot Police Officer, general fighting etc.

The Interceptor – 1 Episode

Double for Paul Kaye, “Jago”. Als ND driver.

Law & Order UK – Series 4, 3 episodes

Precision Motorcycle riding double for “Adam”, motorcycle lay down. General Stunt performer, small part as undercover policeman. Stunt performer, simulating a train has crashed.

Hollyoaks – 3 Episodes

Precision motorcycle riding, Neil Newbon “Walker” double, riding motorcycle being chased. Stunt double for Nick Pickard, “Tony”, 60ft jump from a ship into the sea.

Doubling Nick Pickard, “Tony”, jumping from a ship in Barcelona.

WPC56 – 1 Episode

Part as boxer against Nigel Travis, “Michael Maddock”, getting knocked down.

The Ark – 1 Episode

Small part as a thug fighting an actor, Daniel Betts.

Da Vinci’s Demons

Stunt performer for general fights, as a guard, as an Urbino Soldier. Double for Blake Ritson, “Riario”, hanging from cave roof by one leg.


Part as boxer against Theo Barklem – Biggs, “Jake Milner”, getting knocked down to canvas.

By Any Means

Nick Moran “Caine” double, fight rehearsals.

Being Human

Part as Vampire in fight, being stabbed, Aldo double for Damien Malony, falling through a table to ground.

A Touch of Cloth 3 – 1 episode

Dorian Lough stunt double.

My Fat Mad Teenage Diary

Precision moped riding for Nico Mirallegro, riding at speed with actress as pillion.

Ladies’ Paradise

Part as a beater that gets shot in the leg.

The Fear

Part as Albanian gang member, precision Land Rover driving for near miss with body in road. Small part as Albanian gang member in gun fire battle.

Just Around the Corner

Stunt performer, fight in a gang.


Precision car driving.

Vexed – 1 episode

“Sean Mullan” double/part, jumping over balcony onto roof, then escaping on motorcycle. Also escaping on motorcycle from armed robbery at speed.

The Hour

Stunt performer, small part as punter in fight in a bar.

Good Cop

Motorcycle rider in chase sequence.

The Bill – Numerous Episodes, including 2 Live Episodes

Stunt performer for general stunts, fights, riots. Precision motorcycle, moped, bicycle, car, truck and van driving. Motorcycle, bicycle and car crashes and near misses. Chase sequences. Handbrake turns. Moped riding double for Staten Eliot, in chase, finishing with lay down. Small part jumping from balcony onto car roof then ground. Small part in night club, as balcony collapses. Motocross riding double for Adam Montgomery, riding on walk ways, down steps, on waste ground and jumping. Did two Live episodes of The Bill, for one I was used as a double for the last part of a fall from a balcony. Then for the other Live episode, I was the stunt double for Ciaran Griffiths, “PC Gary Best”, doing a rugby tackle off a building into boxes. Stunt double for Daniel MacPherson for general stunts including running into Thames, swimming under water to rescue passengers in sunken car. Fight, played own part as male nurse with dialogue. General Stunt-double for “Eric Sykes”.

Stunt double for Ciaran Griffiths, “PC Gary Best”, for a Live Episode of The Bill.

Small Part as a “Drug Gang Member”, jumping from a balcony to a car roof.

Waking the Dead – 3 Episodes

Part as a policeman, “PC Nelson”, motorcycle riding, then tackled into ditch, breaking my neck, then coming back as a “ghost” raising from the bath water. On another episode I was precision moped riding. Also on another episode as a motorcycle stunt double for a lay-down crash after being knocked off the motorcycle by Trevor Eve.

Ashes to Ashes – Series 2 & 3, 3 episodes

Precision driving, double for “Hoorsten”, being T-boned by another car. Small part as crime boss as fight breaks out in a night club. Small part as bound and gagged man in boot of car, thrown in the back of a lorry.

Bouquet of Barbed Wire – 1 Episode

Stunt double for Tom Riley, “Gavin” for fight, thrown across table onto floor and into a drawing board.

MI High – 1 Episode

Martial arts type fight on a roof top, stunt double for Ben Kerfoot “Oscar”.

Identity – Episodes 1, 2, 3 & 6

Precision car driving double for Aidan Gillen, “Bloom”, Keeley Hawes and “Smith”. Handbrake turns. Own small part as protection officer who is tasered.  Precision motorcycle riding for “Highsmith”.

Five Days – 1 Episode

Stunt double for Matthew McNutty, “Danny” falling backwards out of a train carriage.

Foyle’s War – 2 Episodes

Part as a bare knuckle boxer, then in another episode a general stunt performer as a soldier.

Part as a bare knuckle boxer in Foyle’s War.

River City – 2 Episodes

Precision driving double for Chris Brazier “Ewan” and Iain De Caestecker.

Minder – 1 Episode

Boxing double for Liam Bergin “Carlo” for boxing fight.

Midsomer Murders Series 12, 1 Episode

Bicycle stunt riding double for Jason Hughes, “Jones”.

Primeval – Series 2 & 3

Small part as road block soldier. Also precision driver, driving at speed. Precision motorcycle riding double for James Murray, “Stephen”, motorcycle chases in car park and shopping centre. Tests on wires.

Criminal Justice – Episodes 1, 3 & 4

Stunt double for Ben Whishaw “Ben Coulter”, fights, precision driving, including crashing a taxi.

Holby Blue – Numerous Episodes

Stunt performer, fights. Double for Ricci McLeod. Cal MacAninch precision car driving double, handbraking. Dominic Keating Motorcycle riding double. Motorcycle riding, car driving double and stunt double for Matt Ryan, “Frankie”, breaking into car, handbrakes. Also Police van driver. James Thornton, “Jake Loughton” double for driving car at speed.

Heartbeat – Series 17, 2 Episodes

Motorcycle riding double for Joe Doyle, “Bobby” including motorcycle lay down. Driving old truck. Small part as a gang member, fighting.

Trial & Retribution – 2 Episodes

Jamie Sives, “Kevin Reid” double for Car knock down. Freddie Boardley double for fight in warehouse.

Car knock down on Trial & Retribution that didn’t go quite to plan – I ended up going through the window screen. Stunt double for Jamie Sives, “Kevin Reid”.

Sarah Jane Adventures – 1 Episode

Part as a trail bike rider, 40ft jump down into garden, then laydown in trees.

Still Game – 2 Episodes

Stunt double for “Ford”, Jack Jarvis. Also Paul Riley, “Winston Ingram” precision moped riding double.

Commander – 1 Episode

Part in Boxing fight at Yorke Hall. Gary Stretch was one of the actors in the episode.

Photo here with Gary Stretch, who was one of the actors in the episode.

Five Days – 1 Episode

Precision Police car driver, handbrake turn to block in another car.


Mark Womack double, falling off bicycle.

After Thomas

Precision lorry driving.

Con Passionate

Car driver in Audi TT, driving at speed.

Ultimate Force 4 – 2 Episodes

Stunt double for Russian Skin Head, floor collapses, we fall through ceiling. Stunt double for Jamie Michie “Finn”. Stunt double for Christopher Simon.

Footballers Wives

Stunt double for “Paulo”, Joan Collins hits me over the head.

Green Wing

Tests for actor on wire rig as helium balloons take actor into air. Precision Ambulance driving double for Stephen Mangan, “Guy”.

Agatha Christie Poirot – 1 Episode

Motorcycle rider.

Mayo Murders

Stunt double for Huw Rhys, driving golf cart in chase.

The Man & the Mouse.

Precision moped riding.

Mid Summers Night Dream

Bicycle stunt double, riding bike at speed into a lake.

Born & Bred

Motorcycle stunt double for both Jenna Russell and Oliver Milburn riding both an AJS and Norton at speed through country lanes.


Stunt double for Robert Beck, in explosion in garage and rescuing girl from fire.

Down to Earth

Motocross rider creating havoc in gardens.

The Grid

Motorcycle stunt double for “Agung”, gun shots to pedestrians.

Family Affairs

Stunt double for actor riding motorcycle at speed with actress as passenger

Murphy’s Law – 1 Episode

Stunt Double for James Nesbit for stair fall.

Keen Eddy

Played own part with dialogue. Fight, motorcycle wheelie.

Playing a part as “John Taylor”, and my first (and only) screen kiss ha ha.

Mersey Beat

Stunt-double for “Leigh Edmondson”. Stunt-double for Simon Merrells and “Franny”. Precision driving double and Car Crash for “Mark Aiken”. Stunt double for fight for “Jonathan Kerrigan”. Precision car driving double for “Jonathan Kerrigan”. Fight With “Les Dennis”. Car driving double for “Pete”.

Inspector Lynley Mysteries

Stunt-double for car and motorcycle.

The Debt

Car Stunt-double and Crash for Hugo Speer.

Rose and Maloney

Motorcycle riding  double.

TV To Go

Stunt double for fight, played own part.

Paradise Heights

Stunt double for fight for “Martin Walsh” and small part in a fight as “Liam’s Mate”.

Brum – “The Stunt Bike Rescue”

Motorcycle Stunt double for Linda Kerr Scott, “Granny Slippers” and Christian Dixon, “Max Speed”. For Jumps, wheelies and a crash.

The Gentleman Thief

Stunt double for Nigel Havers. For a driving near miss, and general stunts.

Clocking Off

Own part for a fight.

Take Me

Precision Land Rover driving double for Danny Webb. Also a fight.

The Whistle Blower

Motorcycle get away rider, riding at speed with passenger down paths.

Londons Burning

Blake Ritson double.


Adrian Rawlins double.

Peak Practice

“Johnny” double for motocross race jumps and a crash.

Street Life – This was Never Actually Aired!

Stunt double for Jack Dee, 12ft jump off wall, boat to boat jumps, riding scooter and crash into water fountain with passenger.

City Central

Driving car, avoiding oncoming traffic. Double for Sean McKenzie and George Costigan. Car driving chase.

Déjà vu

Driving double for Kerry Fox, “Jessica” for a head on crash.

Every Woman Knows A Secret

Precision car driving, handbrake turn.

The Broker’s Man

Motorcycle riding double for Max Beesley, motocross jumps and wheelies etc.