Ramps & Equipment Hire

Freestyle Motocross Ramps

Two different types of freestyle motocross landing ramps are available for hire, one based on an articulated lorry, and one on a rigid lorry.

The bolddog landing system based on an articulated lorry.

The Bolddog freestyle motocross landing system based on a rigid lorry. This is in its folded up state, ready to travel down the road.

Smaller Take Off and Landing Ramps

This medium size take-off and landing ramp is ideal for distances up to around 45 feet in distance.

Basket ball jump over a the medium sized take-off and landing ramp.

Cheese Wedge Type Ramps

These types of ramps are ideal to jump cars, and generally are used to land a motorcycle on flat ground. There are a number of different sizes available.

Cheese wedge ramp in use during a performance of the former Lings Honda Motocross Display Team.